Intro | Investigate

CoMotion is a social trip planner developed by albanian Ministry of tourism and EU, a start-up of people on different continents who are passionate about travel in Balkans area, and connecting people. We want to make it easy for people to plan and share trips and events, so that more people connect in real life.

Challenges | Goals

CoMotion visual design was realized by me, started from branding . The app centers around planning and sharing travel and activities, making it a social travel platform.

What is Motion. App

Motion. user experience

The user experience is centered around the creation and management of trips and your connections. You could also add content in the app for your trip, such as photos, videos, and written content.

Motion. Design concept

The concept behind the logo is that of suitcases that have traveled across the world with baggage tags, passport stamps, and stickers stacked one on top of another.
The use of a vibrant color scheme is to show that not only is this product for people of all kinds of backgrounds, but also for diverse locations and styles.


All in-app and website icons and design elements have been custom made, in order to round up the visual brand experience and have a cohesive feel.

CoMotion app website

The CoMotion app website has the purpose of presenting the app and its features. You can see the same vibrant colors as in the app, with each functionality and selling point highlighted clearly.